Sunday, August 26, 2012

Signs of Fall

Cooler nights. Color changes in tree leaves. Day time high temperatures have moderated to the 80s and occasional 90s. Diesel prices are ticking upward with each Silver Slug fuel fill.

Yup. Another sign of fall is the increasing diesel prices. Happens every year as home owners in the north and northeast fill tanks with heating fuel.

Driving around the neighborhoods yesterday, I noted one station had diesel at 4.16. Won't be long before all diesel will be over four dollars a gallon regardless of the station.

Cooler weather is on the way. Winter won't be far behind. And I will be in Arizona.

See the Energy Information Administration reports for historical and current prices of diesel and gasoline fuels.


  1. Are you going to be in Benson at all this coming fall/winter? Jil

  2. Tentative plans are to stop at Benson for several weeks before heading to Tucson.

  3. at our current pace we won't be back until maybe we will catch you in travels..Jil

  4. I'm kind of new to diesel pickups so knowing about the fall price rise is interesting. Nice post. Thanks.

  5. Just filled up the other 4x4 and diesel here in Texas is 3.79...
    Pretty good compared to other states but up quite a bit these last couple of weeks.....

  6. Don, For a full discussion of diesel and heating oil distillate --

    Roadrunner, The EIA report notes a 20 cents difference in price between the Gulf Coast and the Rocky Mountains. Looks like we can corroborate that.


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