Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Old Guys Hike

One of my long time hiking companions when I was living in Denver was Joe. About eight years older, Joe is slowing down. Kinda like Wandrin Lloyd. The hike destination was Roxborough State Park. Met Joe at his Wash Park area home. From there it takes a while to get out of Denver and through the suburbs to arrive at the park.

There are several trails within Roxborough. With open lands, tree covered slopes, gambel oaks and tilted sandstone formations, there are lots of scenic views. Not unusual to see deer. Occasionally a mountain lion has been sighted. When we arrived at the park, there was a sign about bear sightings in the area.

When living in Denver, I had hiked all of the trails in the park. Some times with Joe. A hike to Carpenter Peak (altitude of 7160 feet) allows a panoramic view of Denver on the Front Range.

For us old guys -- both with balance issues -- we took an easy walk. Makes it easier to chat and catch up on life and living.

Cooler than Denver, this home was built about 1910 to get away from the city's summer heat. To me, a building constructed of rock is an art work.

After that very strenuous hike ;-)), we rewarded ourselves with lunch at the restaurant at the nearby Arrowhead Golf Course.


  1. Sounds like the perfect hike for a late summer day!

  2. I also thought of stone buildings as pieces of art. I always wanted to live in one.


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