Friday, August 3, 2012

Boosting Local Economies

In a previous post of observations and wonderings, I commented that I had been supporting the service departments of Ford dealerships during these last three months. I was hoping for future major expenses to wait until 2013. After a morning of coffee at Loveland Coffee, Silver Slug wouldn't start. Here we go again.

Long story short. Towed and repaired within the same day and now $1800 poorer. (On a credit card until next month.) A shorted fuel injector module was the reason for Silver Slug in "no go" mode. That was one very expensive part. The technology seems to include pricing for a Mac computer.

Once again I hope this is the end of these expenses for Silver Slug.

Wonder if there is an insurance plan for aging Silver Slug. Probably not with the miles and pre-existing conditions. :-)

Forgot to mention that this occurred on my birthday. Some birthday present!


  1. Just in case no one else has said it, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!

  2. Howard & Linda from RV Dreamers blog has had hell with their Ford. Do you use roadside service like Coach net?

  3. Thanks for the best wishes.

    gumo, Don't have road side service. My Geico insurance provides roadside towing (for both truck and trailer). No complaints about the Silver Slug -- model year 2000 Ford F-350 -- with the 7.3 engine. With the price of a new truck similarly equipped, I would have to find about $55,000 to get a new truck. Maintenance is cheaper than a new truck -- unless the maintenance continues at the current rate.

  4. Stuck in the middle... It is tempting to buy a new vehicle when the old geezer starts acting up. But as you say, 55K will buy a lot of repairs. Good Luck with the Silver Slug.

  5. On my birthday July 27 the power steering/brakes hydro booster went out on my Duramax diesel. Got it to the dealer and $1100 Och. So part of the club...

  6. You could always ditch the motor vehicle and travel like Heinz Stücke. He's been traveling on his bicycle since 1962 non-stop.

  7. Ron, Now the Wandrin Wagon is in need of some suspension repairs. This living on the road is getting expensive. Thinking about a tent.

    Anonymous, Not sure I am ready to go that far. I frequently have the thought of getting rid of the truck and living in some down town location. Transportation would be walking, public facilities or renting a car. That would be a whole lot less expensive.

  8. Walden Creek RV SteveAugust 14, 2012 at 8:38 AM

    belated Happy Birthday! I always made it a point to find a GOOD old fashion machanic where ever I go.I always roll up my sleeves and pitch in with one of these backyard mechanic types- Go get part- twelve pack of beer and 100 bucks usually gets the job done!

  9. Walden Steve, As a nomad, it is pretty hard to find that guy. Worse yet is dropping in to a strange town with a problem. Where to begin the search.


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