Friday, April 6, 2012

Scary Hike

The scariest thing on most of the hikes around Sedona is meeting a Pink Jeep when least expected. Didn't meet one of those, but this scary creature managed to crawl out of the 25 million year old rocks and scare the ---- out of me.

The rocks are that old. C'mon now. What does this look like to you. Maybe in three dimension, it had a very different impact on my over active imagination.

Whenever, I hike these canyons, I feel so insignificant in this natural world. I realize that these rock layers were deposited millions of years ago followed by as many millions to erode the shapes and beauty that exists in the rock formations seen here. The dichotomy is that at the same time I feel so significant that I can actually be here to marvel over Nature's creation.

Beauty exists on every trail. On the Baldwin-Templeton trail at the base of Cathedral Rock, here are some photos from that hike.

Life is great.


  1. Yes, that absolutely looks like a dinosaur rock. Love the embellishments. :)

  2. Great seeing you again. Sorry we did not get to share a hike.

  3. Ah Sedona, what a beautiful place. I drove up Oak Canyon on my first long RV trip and thought I was gonna die. But I didn't and it sure was beautiful.

    And yes it does look like a dinosaur. :)
    Happy Travels

  4. Absolutely agree, life IS great. It all depends on how you choose to see it. :D


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