Thursday, April 26, 2012

Looking At Blogger Stats

Google's servers and computers keep track of me. Where I've shopped. What web sites I've visited. Google sends emails inviting me to join Google+. Not going to happen. They already know enough about me. As a nomadic loner and not a social internet groupie (no Facebook or Twitter), there is no reason to join Google's social network.

However, that is not the subject of this post. Google also collects stats about my blog posts and breaks it down many different ways on the Blogger stats page.

The all time most frequently viewed page is Airplane Nose Art. Posted originally Oct 25, 2010, I first noted its popularity about nine months ago when I had the most popular posts gadget on my blog site. Still have no clue why the on-going interest in World War II airplane nose art. Each time I check the stats, according to search criteria posted, these are original views. The page views are not the result of StumbleUpon or similar type internet service.

Herbie Around The World is the next in line for total views. It doesn't come close with about a third of the first place views. To complete their world tour, Zainab and Domi are currently driving through South America without the trailer in tow. Follow their South American travels at Herbie's World Tour.

When Pledge Revision was posted, there was some concern that my rewriting of the Pledge of Allegiance would go viral. It didn't and follows next with about 100 less views than Herbie's post.

The stats also include a search criteria list. That provides a glimpse in how the internet community gets to my site. When titling blog posts, I may have to be more careful in the future. Reporting my experiences with the bee sting in Natural Wrinkle Remover is one of those poor titling decisions. Those internet surfers looking for natural wrinkle removal had to be disappointed that they would have to be stung by a bee.

The Google stats have a lot of objective numbers. However, there is no interpretation of the subjectivity. Why the interest in World War II airplane nose art.

The answers to some questions will remain a mystery. Actually, I like it that way. Life needs mystery.


  1. Airplane Nose Art actually sounds interesting to me... and I imagine many others. But I'm blown away by the popularity of a post titled "Egg Problems" I wrote about hard boiled eggs. It's number three on my all time pop chart list... and will soon be undisputed number one.

  2. I associate airplane nose art with scantily clad girls drawn in semi-erotic poses. Kind of like the old Playboy "Vargas Girls" cartoons. Just red blooded male interest in the female form.