Sunday, April 1, 2012

RV Travelers Cross Paths

Taking a "vacation" from Ouray, Bobbie and Mark (Box Canyon Blog) have been boon docking the past week south of the Village of Oak Creek while Bobbie was taking a water color class. According to Bobbie it was all about Flower Power.

Last Wednesday, Mark and I hiked while Bobbie was in class. Mark posted about the easy hike at RV Circles Intersect. Mark seems to have a lot of photos of my backside when we hike. This hike was no different. Rather than backsides of other hikers, I selected this gnarled old juniper.

With Bobbie and Mark hanging out in cool Red Rock Country, that gave Marc and Claudia (ItchyHitch What's New) an excuse to make the journey from Yuma to visit and boon dock near them.

To complete the intersecting of RV paths, we met at the Tlaquepaque Arts and Crafts Village for lunch at the Oak Creek Brewery.

After several visits to Sedona over the past ten years, this was my first visit to Tlaquepaque. Couldn't go until I pronounced it properly. t-lock-ah-pah-kay. Or something like that.

Nestled in the beautiful and awe inspiring red rock country, Sedona retailers market to the spiritual emotions of all visitors. Whatever your belief may be, there is a retailer to address it: tours to vortex sites; new age gifts; healing crystals; psychic reading and more.

And sometimes, the retailer has too much inventory. Time for a sale to unload the trinkets and doodads that have spiritual significance -- to the tourist-buyer.


  1. There are times the camera should be on the "dummy" setting to get a photo. The photo taken of the naked burger was quite blurry. Just for the record, it was a dead Angus burger and done medium rare. Perfect.

  2. Thank you for this glimpse of such beautiful places I have never seen. I love the ocean and the desert, though that is somewhat of a contradiction. The juniper was like a large, living bonsai, a very nice photo, and certainly far more interesting than someone's posterior, lol.


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