Saturday, April 14, 2012

The Red Bird

Doing the morning cross word while listening to the radio, I could hear the distinctive three note sound of a cardinal. Looked out and saw the guy perched in a tree. Couldn't miss the red on the blue background.

Grabbed the Canon SX40 and took several shots of the guy. Continuing his three note song, I moved a little closer for more shots. He didn't move, but may have actually posed for the photos. Without a photo release and monetary incentive, the red guy was not moving to someplace with less tree branches.

My dining table window faces east for a view of the Verde River and beyond. Upon arrival, the trees along the river were brown sticks. Since my arrival, I've been fortunate to see the trees become the bright green of spring. I should have been taking a photo each day as a time lapse record of the change.

No question about it. Life is great.


  1. Great all the contrasts..Jil

  2. This is a terrific photo. What a plump and obliging fellow you have captured with your lens! I love that special light yellow green color that trees get in the spring, when the leaves are tiny and just starting to show. It is unmistakable isn't it? Remember the 64 crayon Crayola box of crayons? There was always a crayon in there called "spring green" and I always wondered how they got it just right. :D

  3. I've got a pair of cardinals year-round in my yard nesting in our evergreens. They sure brighten up the winter and that simple song of theirs in late Winter/early Spring sure tugs at the heart.


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