Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Saguaro -- Artist Version

Tucson brochures frequently contain a stylized version of a saguaro. The usual look is a single bole with two arms. The arms are on opposite sides and one is a little higher than then other.

A real saguaro with that artistic shape is rare. However, I did manage to find one when hiking in the hills behind the RV park.

My original intent was to use Photoshop and place this saguaro in a desert sunset. However, that was unnecessary when I found that photo.

In a separate related project to select best photos from the past ten years of nomadic travel, I came across a photo of that idealized saguaro at sunset. The photo was taken at Organ Pipe NM.

With that, there will be no more blog posts with saguaros as the subject.  There may be saguaros in future photos, but the subject of the post will not be a saguaro. Maybe. There is always the chance that I could violate that promise if a found saguaro was especially unique.


  1. Hi Lloyd,

    Maybe I missed it, but didn't you get a spot in the Benson, AZ Saguaro SKP Park? How come you decided to stay at Justin's Diamond RV Park for the winter instead of the SKP park? Just curious.

    Wayne (from PA)

  2. Wayne, Right. I do have a lot at Saguaro SKP. With the hiking in the immediate Tucson area and the number of road acquaintances, friends and relatives in Tucson this winter, it seems like a better idea to spend three months here.

  3. I liked your comments about no more Saguaro; why have a rule if you can't break it? I keep swearing to take no more sunset photos but still find myself out there with the camera!

  4. You are just down the road from my Tucson home. Did you meet TnT while they were there. What a great couple they are.

    I love your photos. Enjoy your stay.


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