Sunday, February 12, 2012

Ruby Search

Along with several others from the RV park, it was a long drive to Ruby. Quoting from the Tucson official Destination Guide 2011, "[Ruby]... is one of Arizona's best preserved ghost towns." Wow. Cannot really imagine what the next candidate may look like.

The sign was new including the 21st century entry fee of $12 per person for this privately owned property.

Depending upon original building construction of concrete, adobe or wood, some buildings have survived the elements and vandals in better condition than others. Excellent ventilation with no doors or windows for most of the buildings. The steel roofs have saved most of the structures from the sun and monsoon rains from being recycled by nature years ago.

An interior photo of this "preserved" ghost town.

Rusting machinery and mining materiel is scattered throughout the property including this truck. Could this truck date to the 1930s. Mine operations ended in the mid 1940s.

The mine tailings have filled up the valley below the town damming up a small lake which is replenished from monsoon rains. The barricades keep the tourist from driving on the soft and unstable tailings. That is Montana Mountain in the background. Ruby was called Montana Camp before being renamed Ruby.

As the stucco flakes off the adobe bricks, interesting patterns appear. This one resembles the downward slope of economic indicators since 2008.

During my photo op walk-about of Ruby, it was a search for rocks of interest. No rubies. Red rocks maybe. Couldn't get a good photo, but the best find was a cluster of quartz crystals. Not gem show quality, but it was my find.


  1. I love ghost towns!

    Maybe I'm so excited about those because I am an European and I saw such stuff just in American movies. Who knows!?

    Best regards from Colombia,
    Domi on Herbie's World Tour

  2. Love the photo of the rusted truck - nice framing and perspective.

  3. $12!! Not rapacious or anything are they? Nice photos though.


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