Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Creativity Requires Quiet Times

Creativity requires solitude. That was my conclusion after realizing that I had not posted to my blog for a week. Seems more solitude is required than I allowed myself for the past week. After dropping Rich at the airport this morning I returned to Wandrin Wagon to catch up. Wow. That was when I noted the last blog entry of a week ago.

It was a busy week exploring, eating and coffee/tea breaks. We didn't get to everything that I had hoped to share, but we made a very good dent in the list. One of the reasons for Rich coming at this time was for the Tucson Gem and Mineral Show. After my previous stays in Tucson and being aware of the DeGrazia Gallery, I had never gotten there. Knowing Rich likes art, it was a no brainer destination. The gallery was a high point of the week.

Back at Wandrin Wagon and on the internet this afternoon, there were emails that required answers. Then there were all those blog entries by others. I subscribe to far too many blogs via RSS and read on Google Reader. In the past week, I read few of them. I scanned the titles and then simply clicked the "All Read" icon.

One of the saved blog posts was by Frank Bures pointing to his essay as he pondered the need for solitude to be creative. Although his essay addresses the need to silence the internet to be creative, for me it was just having some quiet time for my brain to process thoughts and previous exploring. Hard to turn down all the volume of inputs to the brain. The brain synapses seemed to continue firing after all the touring, dining, chatting and people met. Some of my dreams this past week were fantastic variations of the week's experiences.

Looking forward, there will be a single exploring event each day rather than two, three or four. That alone will allow me more solitude and give my brain the opportunity to process the data.

It is also time to review all those blogs that I subscribe to. Some of those need to be deleted from the reader list.

With the little solitude I allowed myself this afternoon, this post is the extent of today's creativity.


  1. This blog entry hits it perfectly. There is way too many inputs to clutter your brain if they are allowed. You have explained it very well. Thank you.

  2. You sure did a lot in a week. Gem Show is all over town. Trying to avoid the busy areas isn't easy. This week most of it is over. Glad you and your guest went.

    De Gracia's studio is another great place to visit. I would like to go back again to see the rest.


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