Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Cold Bird Sighting

The hike started with wind and temps in the high 50s. 30% chance of rain was the prediction. Pretty good odds that it wasn't going to rain. The hike destination was the saguaro with the owl nest. An intrepid group, we forged on even though the temperatures were dropping and the clouds were banking up on the Tucson mountains. Didn't even know if the owl was going to be there.

As we neared the saguaro, the tufted ears of the owl were visible. Another hiker and I went ahead to make sure. Appears the owl decided to keep her eggs warm rather than taking flight. Going in small groups, eventually all saw the owl from the distance of about 30 yards.

It was really cold. Short pants are okay. But my hands were frozen. Spattering of rain fell as we continued the two and half mile hike back to the park. Soon it was icy pellets falling from that very cold gray sky. Wind, rain and icy pellets does not make for a pleasant hike.

Once back at Wandrin Wagon, cold hands were fumbling with the keys to open the door. Checked the temperature. 37 degrees. Took a while to warm up and flex the arthritic fingers. Note to self: take gloves next time.

The cold rainy day might have been a negative, but the positive was the owl sighting. Although very little, the moisture will help the wild flower bloom.

During the afternoon, the skies cleared up. Later a photo op was a reflection of the sunset on the clouds to the north.


  1. Great shot of the owl! Opportunities like that make the weather more bearable.

  2. lucky you to have had that sighting...

  3. Wonderful pictures of the owl and sunset!!

  4. walden creek rv steveFebruary 16, 2012 at 6:21 AM

    I would think owl sighting and sunset would be worth 12.00 charge rather than Ruby-


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