Monday, January 30, 2012

My Apple Then And Now

My search of my photo files had another mission. In that search, I happened across a series of photos that I had taken at the Computer Museum in San Diego in 2001 (closed since my visit). One of those finds was this photo of an Apple II plus.

That Apple computer dates to 1981. My first Apple was purchased about that time. Had an Apple IIe. The Wikipedia web site said that the Apple IIe was available in 1983. Thought I had my Apple IIe in early 1982. Perhaps, my memory is a faulty recording device.

Today, this is my computer station in the cramped quarters of Wandrin Wagon. The MacBook Pro is the computer. The monitor, printer, pen tablet, Time Machine disk, speakers, Verizon MiFi and keyboard are the attached peripherals.

These older eyes need the larger monitor. Since I learned to type (not fast) on that ergonomic keyboard about 15 years ago (Yup. Learned to type in my late 50s.), that is what I have to stick with. Tried to retrain myself on the straight keyboard without success. Actually, there really was no reason to make the switch.

It was thirty years ago with that first personal computer. Today, my collection of Apple devices includes that MacBook, the iPad, and two iPods. No iPhone. Yet. Probably will stay that way. Finally have figured out the difference between need and want.


  1. I started off with an Apple IIC which I loved. Later, an Apple 2gs, was cool but not so much. Now, a MacBook Air. Cool beyond measure.

  2. 1st computer = Commodore 64. I did "binary" on it until I got bored with it. Then I just sort of "admired" the fact that I was one of the few kids that had a computer. Things have changed...

  3. Are you sure your name isn't MacLloyd ?????

  4. my ergo key board died this week :( I hate this little things. I went for a job a few years ago and they had these little one I was only able to type 30 I was so embarressed.No I sure didn't get the job. I will be shopping soon.


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