Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Saguaro Oddity

With Steve in the lead for a hike from the RV campground, we headed off to see a "many armed" saguaro. This many armed saguaro is not what I expected to see.

Wonder if those stubby arms will eventually become something like this many armed saguaro found years ago in the Mesa Arizona area. It has arms with arms.

Those who study saguaros have no explanation why some saguaros will have multiple arms while others seem to just grow an arm or two. Then there are some that have grown to a 20 foot tall column without any arms.

During the walk, I noted that the recent rains have had a noticeable impact on the girth of the saguaros. Any more heavy rains and the local saguaros might OD to their detriment as they become top heavy with water.


  1. I once heard that saguaros had to reach 100 years old before they sprouted arms. Those many armed saguaros standing beside the interstate highway have seen a lot of history. Perhaps pony express riders, Butterfield stage coaches, and maybe a confederate soldier.

  2. I've never seen one like the top photo with so many arms near the bottom, only like the 2nd photo when they are all grown up. Interesting saguaro.



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