Saturday, January 14, 2012

Fine Dining -- Prickly Pear

Haven't seen any javelinas in my hikes and walks. However, their tracks remain and the prickly pear has evidence of a quick bite. You just have to admire an animal that chomps down on something that has spines an inch long. Then there are the fine little spines at the base of each of those long spines. Ouch.

The translucent green is the evidence of recent fine dining by the javelina. This plant has two pads. The pad on the left was recent dining. The pad on the right has had a chance to create scar tissue over the damage.

How about adding some prickly pear to your next meal. Since there would be few takers with a name like that, how about calling it nopales or nopalitos. Harvest and prepare the prickly pear and they make a fine side vegetable. At a Mexican restaurant, nopalitos are a great choice to accompany an omelet.

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