Sunday, December 15, 2013

Settled In Tucson

Yesterday I arrived in Tucson after a 250 mile drive across southern Arizona. The last stop was in Yuma visiting friends from the Westminster Colorado Elks.  250 miles is a long driving day for me, but there was nothing along the way I had not seen before. Several times. The exception was the miles long Solana Generating Station west of Gila Bend. (A Google search revealed what I was looking at.)

There is little traffic on I-8 from Yuma. That changes when I-8 merges into I-10 heading to Tucson. The three lanes of traffic reminded me of my stay in San Diego with lots of car and truck traffic going some place -- fast.

About one o'clock I pulled into the Far Horizons RV Park. After getting parked and hooked to shore power, it was time for a late lunch/early dinner.

Within an hour, the thoughts about settling in Tucson were being reviewed once again. When I hit the road with truck and trailer in 2001, it was a decision made as a result of a five minute conversation with an RVer. Little research followed and over 12 years later I am struggling with a need for change from nomadic travel.

That was when I found myself wondering why I don't make a similar instantaneous decision to settle in Tucson. I want a permanent living arrangement. Not a home on wheels.

Until I make a more settled decision, the Far Horizons RV park is a good place for my home on wheels.

Sun is the new crop of southern Arizona:


  1. Slow and easy will likely result in the best choice. Take your time, and the solution will arise in due course. Take care.

    1. Since these "settling" thoughts have been gelling for over a year, it certainly will not be a spur of the moment decision when it happens.

  2. Do what's best for you. Only you know what that is. Enjoy your life.


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