Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Christmas 2000

In a recent searching of my computer archives, I came across my Christmas greeting of the year 2000.

As I search for a home without wheels in Tucson thirteen years later it seems appropriate to share that letter from long ago.

Christmas Greetings 2000

To you all a joyful Christmas Greeting.
My hope is that you are happy and well.
Some readers may find these words repeating,
Bear with me then as high points I retell.

Hoping early this year for unemployment,
My wish was not granted and I still slaved.
Time for balance and get more enjoyment.
So I vacationed with money I saved.

Wisconsin’s north woods in March I headed.
We tapped many trees and collected sap.
Stoking and boiling we were rewarded
With maple syrup - all the work a snap.

Been a while since I saw a Wisconsin spring
Watching the earth rebound from winter’s care.
And grass turns green and an eagle takes wing.
My spirit’s renewed just for being there.

In mid June t’was time for another break.
To Alaska for a trip of camping
With tent supplied and food catered - with steak,
We toured very well in three weeks of trekking.

Alaska is beauty that is certain.
Because of the cloudy and hazy skies,
Never did see the Denali mountain.
Goin’ back some time for that elusive prize.

Enjoying nature’s world all the year long;
Hiking and snow shoeing many a trail.
There’s no better way to escape the throng.
For raising the spirit it cannot fail.

Big news: last work day at the end of year.
Of this working world I have had enough,
I now look forward - to change of career.
I am selling my home and all my stuff.

Going back and forth as weather dictates
A fifth wheel trailer will contain my load.
Seeing Canada and a lot of States
Hiking the trails, I’ll see you on the road.

The photo of the eagle pair was taken near Juneau on that Alaskan camping trip.

I have not gotten back to Alaska to see Denali.

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