Thursday, November 20, 2014

Unusual Service Dog

When sitting in the waiting room for another medical appointment, a lady walked in with a below the knee service dog.

Service dogs are not unusual -- until this one. It was three legged. The lady brought out a small mat. The dog laid on the mat and watched its owner's every move. Dogs always attract conversations. Another lady in a chair nearby struck up a conversation with the dog's caretaker/owner. In response to a question, the lady responded that the service dog was 14 years old. Since the dog was mostly deaf and partially blind in one eye, the lady said that she was in the process of training another. Considering the dog's deafness, it was quite apparent why the dog watched the owner so intently.

This service dog will outlive its days in comfort as another dog is trained to be the lady's service companion.


  1. Those service dogs are really special critters; they amaze me.

  2. I remember the photos of the person who needed a service dog, and when that dog became old and infirm, the next service dog assisted the first one. It was a great story and I loved the photos. Hopefully this old dog will have the same experience.


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