Thursday, November 27, 2014

Thanks and Gratitude

Thanks to readers and friends and relatives for the prayerful wishes on a healthy recovery as I proceed through months of chemotherapy.

Thanks and gratitude also go my doctors. Further thanks go to the cancer research scientists who have been able to unlock the mystery of how to kill those lymphoma cells.

Today I was really thankful that I could go on a hike this morning with friend Paul (park resident). It had been over ten days since the last hike.

Returning from the hike, I made my Thanksgiving dinner. It was a salmon fillet accompanied with brussels sprouts and my homemade cranberry sauce. (Sorry. No photos.) That just created a few more dishes to be washed.

The stacks of dishes are from several meals. With other things going on in my life, doing dishes just did not take priority. I'm living in the moment. Since I have no slave or hired help, eventually I will be responsible for cleaning up the mess. Thankfully, I will be able to do that.

Wishing all a pleasant and tasty Thanksgiving.


  1. Many things to be thankful for! Glad you are able to hike and enjoy a nice Thanksgiving dinner. Our thoughts and prayers are with you.

  2. Your Thanksgiving dinner sounds great - I won't even disgust you with what I had. LOL

    Hey, what's wrong with the neighbors? I figured you'd have a freezer full of meals and women bugging you to clean the kitchen. I guess they probably would be doing that if you let them.

    Happy Thanksgiving, Lloyd. :)

  3. Brussel sprouts for Thanksgiving? !? Yick! We had more traditional foods with some of the WINs that are in the area.

  4. Nice that you had good food and good friends for the holiday. Both worth being thankful for having. Take care.

  5. I'm praying for you, my friend. Blessings...


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