Friday, October 3, 2014

Take Time...

When going through the archives of my nomadic traveling, I found this photo of a marker at Montezuma Castle National Monument. When I visited many years ago, I was camped at Cottonwood Arizona.

There is no credit given for the source of the words. When I searched the internet, I found no matches.

Nature has time. Lots of it. Nature tolerates the human existence. When these humans go extinct, Nature will merely shrug and a million years later there will be little evidence of humans passing through.

Nature tolerates our brief existence on the planet earth.


  1. Vada in Tx. I don;t comment often but wanted you to know how much I enjoy your blog.You always give me something to think about and challenge me to do life a little better.Because of your posts about your diet I have dropped most grains from my meals and my fibromyalgia has become much less painful.Thanks from Tx!

    1. I'm glad that that life is much less painful. How about dropping "all" grains for a month to see if the pain might be further relieved. It's only a month. It's not the rest of your life.


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