Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Sunday Hike

Daughter Vanita was in town this past weekend. Vanita lives in San Diego. When she isn't working, she mountain bikes. She hikes. She hiked Mt. Whitney this past summer. I certainly am not in her league. I doubt I ever was that fit. So why were we hiking together. The hike was quality time to chat about life and living.

This trail was hardly a challenge for Vanita. She wasn't panting. Then there was the old guy on this journey. He was moving a bit slower. That's okay. He is 30+ years older.

When I had stopped at another uphill slug, Vanita went on ahead without me. That gave me a few minutes to get a selfie with the Catalinas in the background. Soon I continued up the trail. We met at a switchback. Soon we were back at the trail head. She has already planned her next hike when she is in Tucson: Finger Rock.

After a Starbucks chat, I wished her the best as she prepared to return to San Diego. 

St. Phillips Square farmers market was on my way home where I stopped for grass raised pork and chicken. Yum!

Hiking and grass raised meats. It was a great Sunday.

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  1. Nice way to spend the day. We are spending part of the day in Pittsburgh with our grandson who is now a freshman at Carnegie Mellon in the Musical Theater program. He is one of 12 accepted out of 1200 applicants.


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