Saturday, November 17, 2012

Tucson Snowbird Life

Hiking in the surrounding deserts and mountains. Watching birds at bird feeders. Social hours with fellow RVers relating high points of last summers travels.

Yup. Life is pretty exciting around here. Us old guys can't really handle much more excitement than that. Sure isn't material for a soap opera.

Then I wonder why anyone would bother with soap operas when you can listen to the latest in political news. You say "not true". How else to describe a new story line each day with a new sub plot and all the individuals (actors) with differing observations. (Caveat: I get my news from varying web sites on the internet).

Yesterday's hike was with Steve, Steve and Maria. Poorly marked and infrequently used trail meant the trail was lost many times. So we bush spiny cactus whacked across the terrain. Desert plants do have a way of drawing blood. Good to know I still have some.

Walking the clear desert air and the views made the effort worth while.

Less day time sunlight and little moisture turns the desert flora to a dormant state waiting for the sunny days of February and March to green up once again.

The shorter days may also have some affect on the desert fauna. One of the Steves and I spotted this brown spot on the rock. Looked like a toad. Upon closer inspection it was a grasshopper with a much smaller grasshopper getting a free ride. Maybe. To keep this blog G-rated, I won't relate my first thought.

That concludes another episode of a Tucson Snowbird. Also known as Wandrin Lloyd. Life is great.

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  1. maybe the grasshopper was just conserving energy... just a thought ;)


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