Sunday, November 11, 2012

Gadget Consultant in Town

Daughter Vanita was in town on business so we spent the day (Saturday) chatting over tea and a sushi lunch.

Like her father, Vanita is into computer gadgets. So we talked computers and iGadgets. On our tour around Tucson, we were close to an Apple store so we decided to do a hands on test of the mini iPad. Our unanimous conclusion was that we preferred the large iPad. Maybe Vanita could afford another iGadget, but I couldn't. Actually, I really don't need -- or want -- another.

That was the situation until Vanita pulled out her Kindle Paperwhite. Big improvement over the previous Kindle eReaders. With my impressions and Vanita's pitch comparing it to previous Kindles, I had to have one. Upon returning home that evening, I ordered a Kindle Paperwhite. The popularity of the device means it is on back order. However, it will arrive in time for Christmas. A great gift to myself.

Looking forward to reading in bed without hurting myself. Using the heavy iPad as an eReader is dangerous.

A visit from Vanita. A new toy on its way. Life is great.


  1. Oh jeez, now I'm going to have to tell my wife about the Kindle. Darn! Well, I guess I do have to get her a Christmas present anyway. Thanks for the suggestion.

  2. Finally, a Kindle the way it was always meant to be. The internal light is worth every penny and the batter life is awesome.

    You won't be disappointed and it will be a good Christmas gift to you.

    The only bad thing about the Kindle is that you will become even more addicted to the Kindle bookstore. But that can be good, too.

  3. My Paperwhite was on back order as well. Due early December. But it got to me Friday after only a two week wait. Not saying you'll be as lucky, but I'll cross my fingers for you getting yours earlier than expected. ;)

    It's worth the wait, however, even if you don't get lucky.

  4. I have an iPad 2 and Kindle Fire... Happy with both. Should up upgrade to the new Kindle?

  5. Don, Glad to be of help. :-)

    Gumo, Already have lots of Kindle. Yeah. Addiction is the word.

    Ted, Hope it doesn't show up too soon. There are to many tree based books to read.

    Spencer, After daughter Vanita bought the Paperwhite, the Kindle Fire was put on Craigslist. The Paperwhite doesn't bother Gabe when she reads in bed. I've put in my request to take her new iPad when she gets the improved full sized (maxi) iPad that came out with the mini iPad.

  6. Kindle Fire is a great size for handheld reading AND e-ink is not good for books that contains pictures and charts.

  7. I am aware of the short comings of e-ink for photos or charts. When I find one of those books -- and I want to see the graphic -- I will view the graphics on the computer with the Kindle app.


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