Sunday, November 4, 2012

Money Making Opportunity

Been a long four years leading up to the voting for US President in 2012. In just a few days with no hanging chads, no Supreme Court election decision, or a tied electoral college, the US President will have been elected. Wonder how many days will pass before someone announces that they are running for President 2016.

I am considering starting a contest. With an entry fee as yet undefined, the entrant will specify the date of that announcement. Pay out to the winner -- or winners -- 75% of the funds and I will keep the remainder for management fees -- or daily living expenses. Like paying to keep the Silver Slug on the road.

How about that contest for an entrepreneurial idea. Okay. So I didn't invent or design anything. So what's your point.

Seems to me that making bets is what financial corporations are doing to make profit.


  1. Well Lloyd you are leading the pack as usual. I finally had to get rid of anony comments today. I do not like to spend time messing with undesired comments either. Have fun in the desert.

  2. Well, I sure as heck hope we can have an election without hanging chad or any of those other problems! It never used to cross my mind but these days I'm not so sure.

  3. Oh well, another idea shot down!

  4. Don, Appears he was joking with the press. A later comment indicated that elective office might be a local city council position.


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