Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Kindle PaperWhite

New toy arrived today. Ordered the Kindle PaperWhite about ten days ago, it was on back order for predicted delivery in late December. Some Asian country went into production overdrive and with a very speedy ship, the Kindle PaperWhite has arrived much earlier than expected.

Once unpacked and followed the on screen directions on how to use the PaperWhite. My usual approach would be to bypass all that and get on with reading. However, there was no way to bypass the instructions so I managed to learn about the device more quickly rather than my usual method of learning by error.

Less than a half hour later, I had logged the Kindle PaperWhite onto my Wi-Fi. Then downloaded a book from my Kindle Cloud and started to read. Pretty cool. Better than cool. Went outside to check out readability. Great. Laid down in bed and held the PaperWhite in reading position while I read a page. Fantastic. Even reading without the usual reading glasses.

The touch, the look, the readability, the function. It is an excellent ereading device.


  1. Am interested in whether the PaperWhite leads to less eye strain when reading in the evening, for an hour or two. I know that will be hard to be objective about.

  2. I knew you would enjoy it and with winter and shorter days & longer nights you will find yourself reaching for it more often.

  3. My first Nook was similar to the Kindle's Paperwhite in that I could read indoors and outdoors. I foolishly upgraded to the top end. That was a mistake. Now I can only read inside. I'm thinking of buying myself a Christmas present ... a Nook I can read outside.

  4. Boonie, Don't know about eye strain. I can only read for about an hour regardless of the material. Day or night. Inside or outside. After an hour of reading, it is time to take a break and do something else for a while before going back to reading sometime later.

    Gumo, Great reading device.

    Wanderin, Go for it. We all have to do our part to keep this economy going. :-)


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