Monday, April 11, 2011

Too Many Choices

There was only a few more squeezes left in the tooth paste tube. That was a couple of days ago. Put "tooth paste" on the shopping list. This morning was a grocery shopping day.

First issue is to understand the organization structure of stores. Eventually found the toothpaste section in "Oral Care". Okay. Perhaps I will remember that for next time. Not likely.

Brand conscious and knowing what I was using would have made this a quick visit to the grocery store. Too many brands on the shelves and each with four or five choices each with words and bright colors announcing "brighter", "whiter", "cleaner", "anti-cavity", "fluoride", "minty"... etc. Copy writers and the admen worked overtime to make this decision as difficult as possible.

Since all toothpaste seemed to have the same words and probably the same active ingredients -- and inactive ingredients -- it wasn't an easy choice. Time to choose based on price. That plus the grocery store discount card, the tube of toothpaste was in my basket.

No more choices to be made at the grocery store. The rest of the shopping experience was quickly completed and I headed home.

Postscript: Amazing to find that the tube of toothpaste at home was the same that I had purchased.


  1. Multiply the toothpaste experience by all the other items on the shopping list. Up and down the aisles we confront non-fat, low sodium, "farm fresh," gluten-free, and on and on. Even the fresh produce poses conundrums. Do I want "locally grown," or "organic," or "non-genetically-engineered," or "least expensive?"
    Kinda makes you want to stop by the headache remedy aisle on your way out, but then you'd have to choose among ibuprofen,naproxen, acitamenophen,butalbital, gelcaps, coated pills, extra strength, WHAT? Get me outta here!


  2. Joe,

    Great comment on the numerous choices we have to make. And that is just at the grocery store.

    Reminds me of the paradox of choice as related by Barry Schwartz in this TED presentation:

  3. My dentist says "go with the gel".

    and yes most of us read the comments.........