Thursday, April 14, 2011

Too Many Choices -- More

Since it is doubtful that the comments of Wandrin's posts are read, it is appropriate to share Joe's comment to the recent "Too Many Choices" post:

"Multiply the toothpaste experience by all the other items on the shopping list. Up and down the aisles we confront non-fat, low sodium, "farm fresh," gluten-free, and on and on. Even the fresh produce poses conundrums. Do I want "locally grown," or "organic," or "non-genetically-engineered," or "least expensive?" 
Kinda makes you want to stop by the headache remedy aisle on your way out, but then you'd have to choose among ibuprofen, naproxen, acitamenophen, butalbital, gelcaps, coated pills, extra strength, WHAT? Get me outta here"

I could not have said it better.

No doubt you've experienced restaurants where the menu goes on for pages and pages. How do you make a choice. In those situations, I have found myself choosing something from the Appetizers. Whole lot easier.

Or then there are the 31 flavors at Baskin Robbins. More choices. How many varieties of chocolate to choose from. 

It can be paralyzing making a choice when there are too many.

That is the paradox of choice. Check out this ~20 minute video with Barry Schwartz on the Paradox of choice. (If you are not familiar with TED, check out some of their other speakers for learning and thoughtful talks.)

Don't want to sit through 20 minutes, the subject is also covered in an article at the New York Times or an this article based on material from the American Psychological Association. Want more? Google "Too Many Choices".

You may have already seen the photos of the snake swallowing the goanna. If your emails have not included it, check out this Snake Eats Giant Lizard post for the photos.

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