Saturday, April 23, 2011

No Trump

Not talking about the card game of Bridge, but the latest in news.

Been reading too much on the internet -- if that is what news can be called. The latest news -- and just in case you missed it (couldn't possibly happen unless there is no "news" in your life) -- Donald Trump is considering a run for the US Presidency.

Then when I read that he was tied in a straw poll for first place in that race, my first reaction was "Idiot America" at work once again. Recently read the book and reviewed here on this blog, Americans prove once again the premise of Idiot America with my comments in brackets:

"1) Any theory is valid if it sells books, soaks up ratings, or otherwise moves units. [Leads the news headlines]
2) Anything can be true if somebody says it on television.
[Trump on his reality TV show]
3) Fact is that which enough people believe. Truth is determined by how fervently they believe it.
[His idol factor and ranking on the polls]"

There are others who are much better writers sharing their thoughts. Here are a few:

Timothy Egan is concerned about The Danger of Donald Trump with an ego and penchant for self promotion.

Scott Adams writes in his blog about the Magnificent Bastard

David Brooks writes Why Trump Soars appeals to the American culture of thought that a brash loud mouth can fix the problems.

More interested in editorial cartoons. Check out this thread of Donald Trump election cartoons. (Hopefully this thread stays intact. If not, search for "Trump editorial cartoon".)

Enough of this....


  1. Upsetting, isn't it? An elderly friend of mine once told me that I was upset by how people acted and appeared to think because I'd not yet given up all hope. I'm sad to say that I'm trying to give up all hope because I'm so tired of being upset.

  2. You seem to be upset and mildly outraged over the Idiot Syndrome. That is unfair.

    The blame should put be on the naive faith in democracy that we were all brainwashed with.

    Look at what is popular when it comes to TV shows, movies, music, food, consumer choices, or whatever. Idiocy doesn't surprise you in those departments. You expect it.

    But then those same Idiots are supposed to put all that behind them and become as wise as Solon or Socrates when it is time to vote. That is completely unrealistic.

  3. Lloyd... you're singing to the choir... pretty much agree with what you write.

    Hard to be optimistic about the future...

  4. I was told yesterday that 50% of the US population has an IQ of 90. I didn't verify this but if true Trump could win. Scary!

  5. Sing it to me brother! Hallelujah! Makes me want to emigrate somewhere. But where? All the other places look as sorry as here.

  6. Yup! I am upset that there are so few people who actually think -- or question -- anything.

    However, perhaps I can get the attention of just one reader who is in that camp of the brain washed. That would be great.


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