Sunday, April 17, 2011

Change In Waist

How did the waist get larger when I didn't gain any weight. Wow. The perils of gravity are affecting my self esteem.

That 30 inch waist when I was 20 has steadily gotten bigger. Not sure what I expected. That was 50 years ago. Recently I've been good about hiking the hills every other day behind the park -- after it warmed up.

More walking and two meals a day are my approach to avoid another increase in waist size. That doesn't seem to work well. Habitual eating three times a day is an addiction that I find hard to overcome.

Considering that much of my clothing shopping is done at thrift stores and most of their men's clothes are extra large and 2XX and 3XX, there would be no problem keeping up with an expanding waist. Just can't do it. Serious case of vanity gets in the way of allowing that.

Took a while but vanity finally lost and I accepted the fact that I was balding and there was not enough hair for a comb over. A quarter inch buzz cut is my accepted hair style.

However, vanity keeps me from accepting a sagging chest hanging over my belt. I will allow you a moment to visualize that. Scary it is. 

Have to remember that the waist didn't grow to that size over night. Trying to convince myself to just keep walking and eating two meals a day. Yeah. Right. Easier said that done.

Note: Tried to find an appropriate photo to accompany this post without success. And I wasn't going to do a self portrait. Vanity wins. Perhaps a little Photoshop exercise would have made it acceptable. Not likely.


  1. I too have trouble eating only twice per day. The evening meal makes no physiological sense to me, but it's hard to give up.

    But the larger question is, shouldn't old age release a person from vanity? If so, then old age represents a type of liberation.

  2. well yes old age should release you from vanity but on the other side of the coin one does not want to look like a egg with arms and legs. i to wish i could find the secret to nonsagging chest and i to wonder where my 33 inch waist went.. have not tried the 2 meals a day yet... is a thought though... i enjoy your writing
    Kerry canada

  3. Had to chuckle at this post, as I looked in the mirror and saw me... I just finished an 80 lbs weight loss, down to 205 just now, and the waist went from 52 to 40. Goal was 36 or 37, which I did also once before 10 years ago- but weight then was down to 180. Original weight loss was one meal a day, this time Nutrisystem D. I need to add an exercise component, which I will, since we are starting our annual trip day after tomorrow- Hoping that will jump start the other 25 pounds. This time I did develop a muffin top and some extra skin it looks like, not happy about that, hoping walking and hiking will tone that up- Travel Safely, we'll follow you on the trip.

    Jim Bob

  4. Hi, I've been reading for quite some time, I think this is my first comment. So here goes:

    Bah- Just remember your body's main job is to carry your head around...

    The most successful diets I've used actually involve more (x6) and smaller meals; and to ask "am I satisfied" after each bite. The theory is that you're less likely to stuff yourself when you know your next meal is only 2 hours away.

    I've found gravity taking effect too..... But my body can still do it's job, and my head is not nearly as inflated, now that I don't look as good.

  5. I find that 2meals a day and run half marathons works for me- 63 years old but feel better than I was 40 years old- stay active- bike- tennis- golf etc. walden creek rv steve

  6. Pretty sure that 2X a day meal program won't work -- for me. However, TK reminded me of years ago when I was on a several small meals or snacks each day. That along with my hiking and normal exercise was enough to keep the weight in check.

    Steve, Congratulations. Way to go. Eat light and lots of exercise is a good prescription for all of us.

    Mark, That compliment is embarrassing. But thanks anyway.


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