Tuesday, September 14, 2010

One Less on The Short List

That list: possible places to settle down. Portland has been removed. The top ranked places remaining: Fort Collins (Colorado), Tucson, and San Diego.

My recent six weeks stay in Portland was very pleasurable and I had a good time exploring the area. There was lots of natural exploring, country drives, photo ops, downtown walks, dining, etc. There was lots more to do. I experienced just a small part of what there was to do -- and I didn't go hiking. Walked lots of places, but didn't hike on an "official" hiking trail.

However, my mood and ambition are fueled by blue skies and gets me outside. Fortunately, I was in Portland at the time of year when there are frequent blue skies. It is those other months with the gray skies that would have me cloistered in a cell staring into a computer -- or other indoor activities like eating too much.

Nomadic exploring after ten years isn't as attractive as it once was. Time for a change. The current thoughts are for extended stays in Colorado, Arizona and southern California and migrate with the changes in weather. Guess that would be a snowbird. :)

Seems I'm going through one of those periods when I imagine "I'll be happier when..." However, I know I am fooling myself. Regardless. That is the plan.

The photos: Salmon at Bonneville Hatchery in viewing tank. Duck tracks turn to weasel tracks. Enjoying the scene at Oregon Gardens. Osprey hovers over fish ladders.


  1. That's always a tough question - where is the perfect place? Out of your choices, I'd say Tucson in the winter and up the mountains outside of Fort Collins in the summer. San Diego has too much fog and crowds for me. But after settling in, what will you do next week?

  2. Whew! I am relieved that you gonged Portland. I had an RV friend who sold his RV and rented an apartment in Portland. Whenever I asked about winter weather, he would try to stay positive and say that it brightens up for a couple hours in the afternoon. I would roll my eyes on the other end of the telephone.

  3. Barb and Ron,
    Agreed. The Tucson/Colorado someplace is a much better choice. I'll worry about week two -- later.
    A beautiful sunrise is a rarity -- even in these dry summer months.

  4. Keeping blue skied choices was smart. You can always zip up to Portland in your future Prius.
    I know you have friends in Fort Collins, and it is at the foot of the Rockies, but you will be sharing those trails with millions of eastern slopers. And the traffic...
    Tucson rings truer, fewer people, but still a lot of traffic. You should check out Green Valley again. Prices are down and you can pick up a small condo for 50k... then just drive off and leave it when ever you feel like a change of scene. Summers in Ouray are nice enough... lots of trails and built in hiking partners :))

  5. Mark,
    How about I keep the Silver Slug with a small truck camper for summer travels. (Just another of those thoughts that go through my mind.) To clarify: Fort Collins would be permanent settling. For the near term, my extended Colorado stays include SW Colorado.
    No home purchases in my future. Rent is the only future choice. Fixes are done by the landlord. When I tire of the neighborhood and I want to check out another community, there is no concern about selling the real estate. Just move on.

  6. Can I really be agreeing with Box Canyon? Geesh! That mighty conurbation on the Front Range sucks to high heaven. The Verde Valley in Arizona is indeed a strategic location lending itself to short wandrin trips to get cool or warm, as the season requires. It seems like a good fit, but maybe you know yourself a little better than I do.

  7. For awhile there I thought someone had dropped you on your head....
    YOU...settle down....NEVER...
    You would never be happy and besides you would have to change your name.....NO MORE WANDRIN....

  8. San Diego is pretty expensive, and honestly, the weather is so predictable. I plan to full-time, and when I want to settle somewhere, it won't be in San Diego (where I am now). Nice to have an RV to travel around the states, hopefully when I do, I'll see some places I want to settle that will be less expensive. I agree with the renting - always owned my own place, but after this real estate bust, I'll save my money and rent, move when I want, and not worry about equity.

  9. Hmmm... From comments the here, it appears that a followup blog entry is required to clarify my Wandrin or Not and How.


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