Thursday, September 23, 2010

I Get Bored

I get bored. There I've said it. That goes for spending nine years as a nomadic explorer. I need a change. This is who I am. I knew that when I started wand'rin' back in 2001.

In my 35 years of employment in Information Technology (in the old parlance: Data Processing), I had the same problem. After a few years in the same position, I started to get bored. Fortunately, there were occasions of change in responsibilities and tasks or some thing new to learn. That would be enough to keep me going for a while. It was only a matter of time before once again something had to change at the current employer -- or I found a new employer.

That is what is happening to me now with travel. The nomadic exploring is not as exciting as it once was. As I was headed to the northwest this spring, I realized my heart wasn't in the nomadic exploring travel the way I once was. Eastern Oregon provided many a possible stop for an extended explore, but I just didn't care. There were places for hikes. There were small towns just begging for a photo stop. I couldn't be bothered.

Needing a break from travel. With cool weather on the Oregon coast and looking for warmer days, I headed to Portland for what turned out to be a seven week stay. At one time, Portland was on a list of places for settling down. There were plenty of blue skies during my stay. However, there are a few too many winter months of gray and overcast days. I wouldn't last one year -- let alone a winter.

The final list. In a previous post, I noted that list was down to three: Fort Collins (Colorado), Tucson, and San Diego. Several comments have noted the attractiveness of Arizona's Verde Valley. I've always found plenty to do there and enjoyed my stays. The Grand Canyon isn't really that far away. The elevation is high enough to have cooler summers than Phoenix. Okay. Verde Valley will be put on the list above San Diego.

Those four places are for that day when personal health requires a settled existence or I am physically unable to handle the truck and trailer. The list may also change. What may be attractive about a location today may not be so attractive when the time comes to make that decision.

Purchase or rent. Whenever that day comes, there will be no purchase of sticks and bricks. Renting is the only option. When I decide I don't like the neighborhood or I want to check out one of those other cities on that list, I don't want to be concerned with selling the property. Just return the key to the landlord and make a nomadic travel to the new location.

Short term plans....Hoping that the settling down time is farther in the future, my plans are to become a snow bird with summers in central, southwest and/or Front Range Colorado and winters in the Tucson area.

A final caveat: These are my thoughts today. There will be change. This is who I am.


  1. "A rolling stone gathers no moss," and so it sounds like you have a great master plan for the future.

  2. I am glad to hear that you have renounced the Constant Travel Syndrome, which ultimately comes from the RV Industry. RVing is about comfort, economy, and flexibility, including the flexibility to stay somewhere you like for extended stays, that is, until it doesn't work anymore.

    I'd rather you emphasize the freedom to stay somewhere nice rather than the ending of nomadic travel.

  3. Seems to me, you plan too much, you worry about tomorrow too much. Maybe you should take a page from my book. Do what comes naturally. If you can laugh and have fun, you stay. If not, you move on until you find laughter and therefore your never bored and your always happy.

  4. You make perfect sense to me. Kind of echoes how I think. I, too, get bored easily, and usually quit jobs and sell houses after a few years to move on. I'm now planning to retire in 2012, get an RV and do what you're doing. BUT, while out there, I want to check out different locations to see where I want to RENT when I stop traveling. Most people have to retire the RV sooner or later. Better to have a plan, then go forward and enjoy until then.

  5. Gumo,
    Not sure I like the idea of gathering moss. Perhaps I can sit on the south side of the tree.
    Great comment. Freedom to stay some place rather than the boredom of constant travel.
    Not sure how I implied that I worried about the future. When I reread the post, I realized that I may have been less than clear about the boredom. It was boredom of moving all the time. Once settled, there is no end of my curiosity to keep me busy. That was the situation for the seven weeks in Portland. Busy all the time. Loved it.
    Agreed. Plan is to be a snowbird until life dictates otherwise -- or I change my mind.


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