Friday, September 24, 2010

Great Software for Mac

Perhaps I could be trained to develop a useful filing system. Instead for the Mac user, check out this great find in software for stickie notes, note taking, light word editing, saving internet URLs and quotes, etc. Notational Velocity can do all that and stores the notes in its data base. No need to worry about where to store the notes and then find them. Let the software file them in its data base. WIth the data base available, to find note(s), enter a few words in the command line and word matching notes will appear.


  1. Can a technologically challenged mac user work with this program (in your opinion) and I am assuming from the website it is a free download?????
    thanks, Jil

  2. Jil,
    Come on. Give it a try. The documentation is included in three notes that are the software when you install it. If it becomes to frustrating, just go back to your old methods -- whatever that is.


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