Saturday, May 22, 2010

Wind Rocks

Wandrin Wagon is rocking. Has been for over a day and it will continue for another day. Kind of like sleeping on a rocking boat. Was that water sloshing in the fresh water tanks. Hope so. The wind noise in the trees never stops. Sometimes it sounds like a train passing through the campground. Soon after Wandrin Wagon is rocking in the breeze. Tornado like winds. Easily hitting 50MPH. Hope those trees stay standing. Especially since there are two huge pine trees right next to the door. That could be a test for the strength of these New Horizons fifth wheels. Rather not test that.

The wind also seems to affect the Verizon signal. It wavers from there to not there. Is it possible that digital signals are affected by wind. LOL. Sure would seem that way. Probably another reason. Like trees blocking the signal.

Since the Verizon signal is flaky, I headed to Barnes and Noble in Flagstaff to use their WiFi to post today, I am using the iPad using BlogPress to send the post to my blog. At least that is what it supposed to happen.

Looking forward to light breezes and warmer days. Balance out the cold and wind.

- Posted using BlogPress from my iPad

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  1. Blogpress works pretty good, Eh? My only issue (and, I suppose, a Paranoid one), is that iPad doesn't save a "copy".



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