Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Largest Things

Driving across the country, I've frequently encountered superlative words on a sign or billboard describing something in terms of biggest, world's largest, rated best, must see, etc. This time it was the "World's Largest Kokopelli" found in a strip shopping center at Campe Verde just off I-17 at AZ Hwy 260. The image of the Kokopelli is used throughout Arizona and beyond on trinkets to businesses.

Checking the Guinness World Record site, there was no match for Kokopelli. Does the claim on the base of this statue make it true. ;-)


Speaking of records in terms of largest or most. Today when I was laundering a portion of my Hawaiian shirt collection, I realized that I might have the largest collection of Hawaiian shirts in a Recreational Vehicle. There are 34 cotton Hawaiian shirts in the current rotation. There are an additional six in silk.

Sure sounds like an addiction. Perhaps there is a twelve step program for me. Hey. Wandrin Lloyd. How about not taking that first step into a thrift store.

When I do find another for the collection (after exiting the thrift store), I tell myself that one in the collection will go. Doesn't seem to work. How do I decide. Sure there are some that are not favored for one reason or another. The most frequent reason is that some launder poorly -- lots of wrinkles. Poor laundry results combined with a poor look and they are donated to the thrift store on the next visit. There's that first step problem again. :-)


  1. Like the new layout. The larger type is easier to read.

    The "Comment as:" field has me puzzled in the post a comment section.


  2. Rita,
    With apologies, I should have done some per install testing with comments. It is something that I am working on -- trying to get familiar with the options available.


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