Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Walk at Red Rock Crossing

Tomorrow, it is time to hitch up and move north. Heading to 7000 feet, it will also be cooler at Flagstaff. Considering they had snow just last week, I hope to bring warm weather with me.

With that prospect of leaving tomorrow, today was the last chance for a hike in the Sedona area. The selected trail was at Red Rock Crossing. The trail is easily accessible without contending with Sedona traffic.

Speaking of snow... Whew. Just cotton from the cottonwood trees.

Walking along the trail there was a buzzing in my ear. Turned out it was carpenter bees on this flowering shrub. Took several shots and finally got a photo of one. How can those little wings support that big body -- as they hover going back and forth.

At about 4000 feet at Sedona, spring is here as witnessed by blossoms along the trail.

Balance is demonstrated in the many stacked rocks. They are on the ground, on boulders, middle of the river and ... tree trunks. Yup. Enjoying life is a matter of balance. I added a few rocks to prove my skills at balancing rocks to defy gravity.

The trail climbs from the river to the base of Cathedral Rock. This is another of the vortex sites around Sedona. Can't say that I felt any different -- other than a nagging hunger pang. Satisfied that with a ClifBar.

This lone juniper was a lot more attractive with its existence on this bare rock.

In a previous post I wrote about blue lichen. Perhaps I missed it in previous hikes since I found it all along the trail. The lichen also happen to be artists. Check out the cartoon face on the left.

Back at the parking lot, there were two RVs with German plates. In Europe they are called caravans. Wonder where they found the bridge to get here.

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  1. Given the collapse of the Euro relative to the mighty peso Americano, you should be surprised to see those German RVs.

    On the other hand, this is a good time for us Americanos to head to Europe.

  2. guess our paths have we too are in the sedona area....we head out on monday north....jil


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