Sunday, December 21, 2014

Right Place Right Time

This morning, neighbors Cheryl and Ted joined me for a short hike. We were on the Cactus Forest Trail for about a tenth of a mile when we saw javelinas off the trail in the desert scrub. The group of about a dozen slowly crossed the trail in front of us. The sun behind the javelinas made for poor photos.

Once they crossed the trail in front of us, we proceeded on our hike. There was no more wild life meetings for the rest of the hike. Rats. Not even a jack rabbit.

That is the first time I have met up with javelinas on a hike. Wonderful experience.


  1. We were on a hike today out by superstition mountain and were talking about these. Must be timid, I haven't ever seen them in the wild.

  2. Believe it or not I saw 3 javelinas rooting around in my hotel's landscaping just off Valencia Blvd near the airport. They must be adapting to an urban environment.

  3. I haven't seen javelinas yet, but I was told they can be dangerous. I'd sure steer clear of them, they are porky little critters. Wouldn't want one one of them rushing toward me!


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