Saturday, February 22, 2014

Zoo Photo Tour

After many years of visiting Tucson, I finally made a visit to the Reid Park Zoo. It was photo op day for the Photo Club at the RV park. With a donation to the zoo, a docent and a staff member provided the tour of the zoo and arranged photo stops.

Animal photography requires lots of patience and lots of photos. From the over 300 I took, here are four of the better photos.

Sun peeking through the trees provided a great lighting effect for the lion

Check out the tongue on the giraffe

A hedgehog held by Jed from the zoo staff

Close up of yellow legged tortoise 
Measured about 15-18 inches long

That was the photo tour.


  1. fantastic shots---gotta visit the zoo when I come down there. thanks

  2. Beautiful lion and tortoise pictures, Thank you for sharing.


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