Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Mini Book Review: One Man's West

One Man's West by David Lavender

I have read several of Lavender's history books. Although more of a memoir, this book is history since Lavender relates his first person experiences as a miner and rancher in southwest Colorado from 1930 to 1950.

The author described the towns and land features of southwest Colorado and southeast Utah. Those stories brought back memories of my travels and exploring in those areas.

The good times, the bad times, the ranchers, the sheepherders, and a long list of characters are included in this fine book of stories of Lavender's early life in southwest Colorado.

First copyright for the book is 1943. I read the 1956 edition.

Wikipedia's David Lavender bio.

The first story of the book begins in Ouray -- the Box Canyon blogger's home when not traveling.

Quoting David Lavender:

"...[Ouray's] setting, however, is superlative; I think no town in America can boast of finer.

"The village lies in the bottom of an enormous rock amphitheater. The best way to see it is to stretch out flat on your back. There is only one direction in Ouray -- up."


  1. Those older books seem to be the best. Probably not available as a Nook or Kindle download though! May need to just go with a print version.

    1. Although I read a paper version of the book, it is available (in 2013) as a Kindle book as gumo noted in his post below.

    2. I will hold onto the book until I get to Tucson in February where I will sell it to Bookmans. If/when or paths cross I will give you the book. Considering the books condition and age, I will not get much for it at Bookmans.

  2. Because I have downloaded a few other books you have shared here, I also Kindled this one and it so far has been a real pleasure to enjoy. Thanks and keep up the good reviews!

    1. Among the wide range of non-fiction books that I read, I find there are just a few worth a mini-review.


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