Sunday, November 17, 2013

A Settled Future

For twelve years I've wandered with my home on wheels in tow. It's been a great ride, but I am long overdue for a change. For several months I have been evaluating and searching (virtual on the internet) for the ideal urban area for a settled living. The conclusion was that there is no ideal urban area to call home, so Tucson was selected as a compromise.

My six month stay last winter in Tucson was an enjoyable test of settled living. The RV park was in a walkable neighborhood. Hiking was close by. No longer a stranger in town; the Starbucks barista knew my name and drink.

When I leave San Diego in a few weeks, there will be few stops on the way to Tucson arriving there before the end of December. Once settled into the RV park, I will be on the hunt to rent an apartment. A car will be purchased. The truck and trailer will be put up for sale.

Then I will live that imagined settled life in an urban environment.

There will be travel in the future. Just what future travel will look like is imagined in possibilities: a visit to Hawaii; a train journey; car journeys to a location for extended exploring (i.e. a Rocky Mountain town, San Francisco Bay peninsula, Front Range Colorado, Olympic Peninsula, Portland, etal.); house sitting; a cruise.

The decision to stop nomadic wandering isn't easy. It still is an unsettling thought. But this guy needs a change in daily life. It is time to commit to an imagined future of settled living in an urban place.


  1. Have you thought about keeping your rig and using it to escape the hot summers of AZ?
    You might also decide that a home base doesn't work for you.

  2. RVBond has a point about July and August. It's hot! Tucson is still high on our list of possible final resting places. It's big, but not too big. Our issue remains how hot it is in the summer. Many people flee for the hottest two months. Good luck with your future plans.

  3. Sounds good to me, but I'm not ready yet. I wish I had a "home base" and the choice to be there or dry camping in NM or AZ whenever I want. Some day...

    Will you continue your blog? Let us know how it's going? Curious minds will want to know. :)

  4. Looking forward to reading about this next chapter in your life and travel. Best of luck to you.


  5. You have mentioned this subject before so I know it has been weighing on you. Congratulations on knowing when and where you want to settle. I think you will be a good fit for Tucson and it for you. We hope you will continue to blog.

  6. as fulltimers, my husband and I have discussed when and where we'll settle down. so far no one place has called our names. But we know one day we'll have to make this decision. Do what's right for you and embrace it! Life it good!

  7. I only found your blog a few months ago while trying to make a decision if I really would enjoy the full time rv life. We have similar occupational backgrounds in IT. Anyway I have just retired last month and made my fifth wheel purchase. I will start my travels next February by visiting my Son and family in Chandler Az. Best of luck in your new life style, maybe our paths will cross someday. Also thanks for your blog, it was helpful and entertaining.

  8. The best of luck to you Lloyd. Looking forward to reading about the transition.

  9. Wow, Lloyd. I didn't think you'd do it this year. Please don't hang up the blog just yet. Your readers will enjoy the thought process and decisions you make during this next passage of your interesting life.

    Chris H

  10. Wow! Congratulations, Lloyd! Big decision but it's another chapter for more adventure....Jane

  11. Congratulations Lloyd! Knowing that there is no Shangri La I'm sure that you will be happy and content in Tucson.

    I apologize and sorry I missed you when you passed through Parker last month. I had friends passing through so reason for not returning phone call promptly.


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