Saturday, February 26, 2011

Recycling Books

For entertainment or to pass time, many people watch TV or go to movies. Not me. After my addiction to the internet (no Facebook) and a passion for hiking, I spend time reading.

A nomadic existence makes it difficult to check out books from a library, so I buy books -- used, new and ebooks. Unfortunately, the ebooks are not recyclable, but those physical paper sourced books have value. At least my non-fiction (my reading choice) books have value.

Upon arrival in Tucson, it was time for the annual visit to Bookmans to sell all those books that were accumulated in the past year since my previous visit a year ago.

There are six Bookmans located in Arizona and three of those are in the Tucson area. This is not the usual used book store smelling of musty books and fear for your life wandering the aisles. It is well organized by subject and alphabetized.

Of the over 50 books that I took to Bookmans, they took all but three. This is not unusual for me since my reading is non-fiction and largely adventure/essay travel. That was enough to create a rather large credit for book purchases.

Before I left the store, the credit was reduced as about fifteen books accompanied me back to Wandrin Wagon. Another trip to Bookmans should eliminate any outstanding credit.


  1. If I took 50 books to Bookman's, they would reject all but 3! You must have better taste than I do.

  2. Can we have a sampling of what you read, please?

  3. love bookmans...will have to remember them as a resource for selling... I usually just recycle my books at the rv park I am staying in at the time...

  4. Missy,
    All of my reads are not reviewed on this blog, but some are. Do a search on "books" and you will get the hits that have been reviewed. Most recently read, but not reviewed was "Alone" by Richard Byrd about his four month stay alone at a weather station in the dark winter of Antarctica.


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