Monday, February 28, 2011

Four Dollar Diesel Fuel

A week ago, diesel fuel was $3.40 a gallon when I last filled. Didn't need fuel on Saturday, but as I drove Tucson, I noted the prices for diesel ranged from the lowest at $3.49 to $4.09 at the Chevron stations. Wow.

Thought I could at least begin my summer travels before diesel hit that even numbered plateau. A little unrest in an oil producing country and two days later the price of diesel goes up. I wasn't aware that the diesel pump was directly connected to North Africa. But it must be. What other explanation would there be.

Looks like there will be more walking in my future. Or an alternative might be to forgo a stop at Starbucks and buy a gallon of diesel fuel instead.


  1. March 11 is the date for the planned protest in Saudi Arabia. You might want to fill up before then.

  2. we have been seeing it the cheapest at fry's or circle k.....jil

  3. Check out for some insight into this.

  4. Over $4.15/gal in CA & its only March! Not good for extensive summer travels. :-(

  5. The price of diesel always galls me! Everyone knows it's cheaper to produce than gas, yet we pay more than all three grades of gas. And it's not just us diesel pick-up drivers who get hit. Think of all the diesel burned by the 18-wheelers bringing you lettuce from Arizona. You don't think the supermarket soaks up that expense, do you?
    A commentator on NPR explained that the reason diesel is so expensive is "supply and demand." Our oil companies prefer selling much of their diesel to consumers in Europe. I guess they get a better price there, so we pay more here. Go figure... The price of gas and diesel at the pump should be regulated!

  6. John,

    Why restrict your wish to the price of diesel?

    The price of everything should be regulated. Your wages should be regulated, where you can travel and when should be regulated.

    Every aspect of your life should be regulated; then you could live the 'perfect life'.


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