Thursday, September 9, 2010

Migration South

Son TJ and DIL Krista were not able to see Mount Hood during their visit to the Portland area. However, as we toured the area, I was able to lead them to very few of the many places to explore in the area. Today, they head back to Denver.

For me, that ends my stay in the Portland area. Late this morning, Silver Slug will be hitched to Wandrin Wagon and the migration south begins. Exploring along the way, arrival in Palm Springs will be about six weeks from now.

The first leg of the journey will be 100 miles down the I-5 freeway to Eugene, Oregon. After a few days of exploring, the migration south will continue.


  1. Dad don't sell yourself short. You showed us many things/areas inh Portland. Without your assistance we never would have covered as much as we did. Krista and I are very thankful for your tourguidednes. (its a new word) learn it!!!


  2. sorry we will miss you there....we are heading to Portland on sundsy....
    any good suggestions :)


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