Sunday, September 5, 2010

An Economics Lesson

The lesson occurred about 60 years ago. Less than a half mile from the farm home was Dodge's Tavern -- an eight stool bar with the facilities out back. On rare occasions, Dad would stop in for a beer and buy a Royal Crown cola** for me.

I may have asked why we stopped here rather than at the nearby farming village tavern. Regardless of the question, it was an opportunity for a simple economics lesson.

When Dad bought a beer, this allowed Dodge (bachelor proprietor always drove Dodge cars) to purchase groceries at the nearby country general store. His purchases allowed the Falck family (owners of the Morrison general store) to make purchases. The use of money to purchase services or products continued from purchaser to seller.

It was a simple lesson -- in simpler times.

** Invert the words and today's beverage of choice is Crown Royal Whiskey.


  1. I grew up in 1950s North Carolina drinking RC Cola. Didn't realize they had it out in Wisconsin!

    By the way, I went through southern Wisconsin on my way west on this trip. Incredibly beautiful, the more so because of all the rain in the spring. Very green.

    - Joe

  2. Joe,
    It was Dodge who put Dad onto the RC after I would complain about my stomach hurting after drinking Coca-Cola.

  3. Neat post! Thanks for sharing. =)



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