Monday, September 27, 2010

Broad In The Shoulder

Fortunately, that cliche does not appear in Brian Gore's western genre book: A Matter Of Honor. Science fiction for some. Mysteries for others. For me, it's always been the western fiction genre. Many hours were spent on airplanes reading Louis L'Amour, Terry Johnston, Zane Grey, etc.

A Matter Of Honor is a fast moving story and not easy to put down. With good guys, bad guys, a love interest, and horses, it is has all the elements of western cowboy fiction. However, Gore goes beyond that to tell a great story about one man who stands up to the injustice of the greedy rancher. The greedy rancher with government connections on his side can make anything happen including disposing of that one man. Without divulging the complete plot of the book, I couldn't help but note the plot looks very like the one that plays out in today's real life of average Joe, apathetic voters, large corporations and government.

Brain Gore's A Matter Of Honor is available as an eBook download at Smashwords.

After reading the book, it is easy to believe that the writer of the book is the same multi talented Brian I met at Starbuck's in Loveland, Colorado for coffee. Brian is also the writer behind the blog and web site RV Boondocking The Good Life.

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