Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Hot Times

The locals in the Napa Valley said that it has been a cool summer. However, Nature doesn't know about months or seasons as Mother Earth wobbles through space around the sun. Don't know how Nature does it, but with wobble, ocean current, ocean heating or whatever, today's predicted high is 99. More than likely my thermometer will register about 105 -- in the shade. The mid 90s heat has been the mantra for the last several days. Fortunately, cooler days are predicted beginning later in the week.

It is also that hot time of year for electioneering. The lawns, vacant lots, billboards, bumper stickers are emblazoned with smiling faces to vote for one liar (oops) or another. Honorable is certainly a farce when that adjective is used for elected government officials. Two sites that I check periodically track politician statements: PolitiFact.com and FactCheck.org. It appears all candidates lie, tell half truths, incomplete facts, quote out of context, etc. Surprise. So how would a voter choose. Really. Does it matter who gets elected.

Then there is that old saw about knowing when a politician is lying -- his mouth is moving.


  1. "Ranting" is one of your labels (keywords)? I have a hard time imagining you on a real rant. You would need to take lessons.

    Say, how far are you from Bodega Bay on the coast? I was rewatching Hitchcock's "The Birds," which was shot there.

  2. Boonie,
    After I reread the post, I removed the "Ranting" tag. I just left "Politics". Perhaps it could be cynicism or wondering or observation. Nothing really fit.
    Regarding Bodega Bay.... About 50 miles distant from Napa, but would take close to an hour and a half via all the winding roads. After graduation from the UofWisconsin, first job was with BofA in Santa Rosa, CA. There were several visits at that time. No real reason to go back.


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