Sunday, September 26, 2010

Napa Valley Color

According to Winemaker John at Bell Wine Cellars, the harvest is late this fall. There has been some crushing, but peak harvesting has really not yet begun. A cool summer has slowed the ripening of the grapes. Two days ago, the weather turned hot -- mid 90s to be followed by more hot days before 80 degree weather returns. This just a few days after the first day of fall.

Traveling up and down the roads of Napa Valley, there are plenty of photo ops. Expect more of these photos and fall colors to appear while Wandrin Wagon is parked in Napa.


  1. LOVE your photo of the hanging grapes. Just beautiful!
    San Diego is having the same kind of weather, moderate summer, now it's heating up, high 90's to 100 yesterday, today and tomorrow. Napa's beautiful country in any weather. :)

  2. Well, shoot, she stole my comment. I also like the third picture. I was looking for a shot like that when I was there, and never really succeeded. Sorry you're having such hot weather.

  3. Thanks for the compliments. After a few more days of photos in the area, I hope to post a single gallery. At least that is the plan. Execution is something else.


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