Friday, September 3, 2010

Work and Play

Americans vs Vacation was an article I came across. The article describes the American work/play time that I was trying to attempt to balance when I was still employed a decade ago. It appears there has been no change in the past ten years.

Then I wonder why all those socialized countries have more vacation time and other social benefits and yet the unemployment rate is no different than that in the US. In some cases it is less.

It's a stretch, but with lots of thoughts in this cynical mind I find that to be a segue to a recently spotted sign posted in anticipation of elections in November.

Not sure what those words on the sign mean. Today is no different from the past 100 years regardless of the governmental party makeup. The serf works for the corporation and that corporation decides the laws the government enacts regardless of the party in power. (More cynicism)

For your reading enjoyment: Building a Nation of Know Nothings by Timothy Egan

With the upcoming elections resulting in another stand off in legislation, the fictional result may be How Caesarism Came to America. Don't forget that sometimes science fiction became reality.


  1. Controversialism on this blog? Wait a minute... who are you, what planet are you from, and where have you stuffed Wandrin Lloyd's soul/brain?

    Rather than disagree overtly, I prefer to challenge you on inconsistencies. In the model societies of Europe, do you think you could have sold properties, paid no capital gains tax, and retired early?

    In a model European country, would the gasoline (or other) taxes allow you to go gallivantin' over a continental in a heavy Wandrin Wagon, pulled by a brontosaurus-sized pickup truck?

  2. Certainly there is no way to compare a European country with the United States with the varying approaches to taxation and ownership of properties. However, I make the assumption that I would have been the same resourceful person in Europe and made enough income to retire early (and pay the health insurance) and pursue my wandering ways. No doubt the method would have been different. Wandrin Wagon and Silver Slug would have looked very different. Probably more like a delivery truck.

    Here's a page from Wikipedia regarding retirement I found the first chart of those employed after an early retirement age most interesting -- especially those over 65.

  3. Ah, do I read you Right (or Left... don't want to upset the cynic)... "The serf works for the corporation and that corporation decides the laws the government enacts regardless of the party in power"
    Hummm, Corporations influencing our legislators? Can't be. Isn't that illegal? :))

  4. Mark,
    Bribery is illegal. But this isn't bribery. Since the government doesn't have the staff to write those messy laws, it is only appropriate for the corporations to do that work and explain the details of that proposed law to the client (er legislator) over an expensive dinner/lunch or -- insert boondoggle. It is simply the cost of doing corporate business and most likely deductible against corporate income.

  5. Not sure how to compare the American vs. European retirement situation. I'm travelling around the west at the moment (I live in the east) and I'm consistently meeting Europeans who, apparently, can afford to travel at length around our country. Many of them are doing it in expensively-rented RVs and staying in nice campgrounds.


  6. Have you considered moving to Europe?

  7. Joe, Made the same observation about Europeans.
    Anonymous, Nope. I've found plenty to satisfy my curiosity here. The other drawback is the lack of a bridge to Europe.

  8. Once in a great while you poke your head outside the safe and innocuous genre of the RV travelogue; the results are pretty good, in terms of content and reaction (comments).

    I wonder what it would take to get you to add "controversy" to your blog, on a recurring basis. You might have to rename your blog "The Peripatetic Pundit."

  9. How come it always comes down to the money? Why is "right" or "wrong" always measured by the dollar cost? Why never the cost to Liberty?

    Why... just for argument... don't we measure anything by this simple question;

    Within the parameters of FREEDOM and LIBERTY... does Society have the RIGHT to seize 'this' (whatever it might be) from the Individual, thereby, arbitrarily imposing servitude on him/her against his/her will?

    If that 'Right of Society to consume Liberty' does not exist... than whatever action that society is taking, which consumes Any Liberty... is Immoral.

  10. Anonymous,
    Writing a coherent blog entry about a controversial issue is time consuming and induces too much stress for my writing pleasure. However, I do like the "Peripatetic Pundit" tag. :)
    Great philosophical question(s).

  11. Quoting Iced Tea's character from TV's Law n Order,
    "It's not a free country, it's a Democracy"..and then he contiuned
    "and you're under arrest."
    This is a topic I would love to debate, but then one becomes the object of unpleasant labels, and thats exactly why we have so many unresolved issues in our society..Nobody wants to have the stones of disagreement thrown their way. I agree Europeans have much better laws where workers are concerned!!! The corporate take over of our government is NOT going to allow American workers more rights, they will continue to take away workers rights!


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