Saturday, September 11, 2010

Haystack Rock

When in Cannon Beach, do what all the other tourists do. Take a photo of Haystack Rock.

It was on the most recent visit (with Krista and TJ) to Cannon Beach when I (finally) captured a scenic photo that looks like every other photo of the rock outcropping. Walking downtown Cannon Beach art galleries and gift stores, the rock is the feature of every knickknack and art gallery item.

Here's my version:

With some Photoshop distortion...

How about black and white....

Just because I can do something doesn't mean I should.


  1. Haystack Rock looks more like a humpbacked sea serpent to me.

  2. forgot to mention how much I like the new (to me) format of your blog....jil

  3. Mark,
    Sure enough. From this viewpoint it is a sea monster.
    Thanks for the complement. But... Change will occur. The blog is a palette for me to change colors and banner photo.

  4. Nice! I always say I want pictures to look like the reality, so I really like the first one. However, I have to admit the photo-shopped one is really nice too. I'm torn in this case.

  5. The photoshopped one is gorgeous - the sky is striking!


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