Monday, January 27, 2014

Giving Up On Snowshoeing

Progress is being made on the pile of boxes in the shed. Today it was time to decide what to do with the snowshoes or the gaiters or the shoe ice cleats.

The snowshoes were used twice in 12 years. The first time was while living in the trailer awaiting my house to sell in early 2001. The second usage was when I was in Palm Springs and there was fresh snow atop Mt. Jacinto. I took the tram to the top and walked on the snow with the snowshoes. After the walk on the snow, it was back to the valley floor where the temperature was in the mid 70s.

There was no justification for dragging that snow/ice stuff around except for the story value of snowshoeing atop Mt. Jacinto. That is now history. Time to sell. 

There probably is little demand for snowshoes in Tucson. Or so I thought. REI in Tucson stocks snowshoes.

Since I will not be making any long drives from Tucson to go snowshoeing, I will post that collection of snow/ice stuff for sale on Craigslist.


  1. You could hang them outside on your house if you like being different - LOL. Pretty common sight in places where there's snow - in Tucson? Not so much.

    1. If they were my first (about 1989) original wood shoes that is what I would have done. However, these were the metal and vinyl year 2000 version.


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