Saturday, January 11, 2014

200 Square Feet

 My last home in Denver was just under a 1000 square feet.

Downsizing from that, my current home on wheels is 200 square feet. Essentially, it is a small studio apartment.

Kitchens in most homes are larger than my entire home.

Then there are homes of 10,000 square feet and larger with lots of bedrooms and an equal number of baths. That is according to Most Expensive Home For Sale In Your State. Some have acreage. Some are water front. Some properties include guest homes.

Connecticut has the oldest -- and the most expensive at $144,000,000 on the list -- built in 1898. With first floor stone walls and the craftsmanship of 100 years ago, that would be a home to admire.

Then there is the fixer-upper in New York at $130,000,000.

With a really big lottery win, I could consider some of the houses. It would have to be a big lottery win so there would be money left over to pay the annual upkeep, taxes and insurance. Of course a staff would be required to take care of the home. More complications.

No thank you. 200 square feet is just fine.


  1. Replies
    1. Even though I have doubled my square footage with Old Yeller, that is still perfect for this guy.

  2. I love the way your Denver house looks. I like that style, and the pillars.

    1. It was a great house (for me) in a very desirable neighborhood. The neighborhood was so great that the house changed hands once again about two/three years ago. The house was razed and soon there was a new house. The new house doesn't have pillars, but it does have a nice sitting porch in keeping with the older neighborhood.

  3. What inspired you to sell your Denver home and hit the road full time?

    1. Interesting you should ask. I've been planning some posts in the weeks to come. One of those is the story about selling the home. Stay tuned.


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