Tuesday, November 22, 2011

To The 99% -- Buy Local

The nationwide retailers' annual sales are dependent on the yearly Christmas guilt** shoppers. When the multinational make their numbers, that is good for the stock prices and the CEOs get big bonuses. Some in the millions. That is not so good for the financial state of the 99%.

How about disappointing those corporations this year. Rather than spending guilt** shopping dollars for Christmas at a multinational retailer, do your shopping at a local retailer whose owner is part of the 99%. It may be the same product found at the nationwide chain. It might cost you a bit more.

Don't stop at your Christmas guilt** shopping. When eating out, head to the local eateries that are not part of some national chain.

Finally. Don't put your purchase on a credit card. (Another multinational money maker.) Use cash.

Corporations rate and rank success in terms of dollars. This cynic wonders whether the movement will go anywhere if these OWS people -- and their supporters -- at the end of the day end up shopping at the nationwide chain retailer or restaurant.

The message: Shop at local retailers that are part of the 99% rather than some Wall Street corporation.

** Guilt shopping is not a typo. It is "guilt" shopping for any gift to an adult. Gifts should be limited to children under ten. Even for those, one or two gifts are sufficient.


  1. walden creek rv steveNovember 22, 2011 at 5:45 PM

    I agree of course

  2. That's a clever connection: the 99%/1% complaint and mindless shopping during the holiday season.

    What possible advantage is it, to the 99%, to get sucked into buying toys, fads, and gifts during the frantic holiday season, unless they spot a genuine bargain on something that they really needed.

  3. I agree with you 100%. People are always amazed when I tell them we don't do much Christmas shopping. It started with cutting down the amount of gifts given, then a few years later out went the stockings, and then that was so liberating we changed to a family Secret Santa. This year we switched from the Secret Santa to $25 limit for the 6 of us...and I hated it. Too much stuff to unwrap, most of it not what anyone wanted. I want to do away with it entirely next year and have a family getaway instead. It's great when you're out shopping for your everyday stuff during the "season" and you feel so free and relaxed!


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